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Jen LaRoche


balance is key

I believe that robust wellness and vitality are the result of a life in balance; a balance of physical health, emotional serenity, and mental clarity. I operate with the knowing that bodywork is an integral part of this equation. I have felt deeply honored to be a partner to many on this journey, for being able to help many find and maintain their own dynamic balance. 

Now, each bodywork session is unique, depending entirely on you, the client, and your current therapeutic needs. Inevitably, each session incorporates aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, deep tissue, breath work, myofascial release and movement. A meditative environment is created to facilitate an even deeper healing. 


Each session is a constant mingling of East and West, a dance between ancient and modern; all grounded in the intention that you re-connect with your body, that you return to you...  






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by appointment only

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