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Jen is a truly gifted bodywork specialist. As a health care provider with specialization in the musculoskeletal system, Jen's level of expertise in manual work from evaluation to treatment is outstanding. She listens well when discussing problem areas and looks to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Recommend her reluctantly as I don't want to lose her to overuse.

J.C. - customer since October 2013

T.W. - customer since Aug 2018

I had a Thai Massage from Jen. She is thoughtful, intuitive, and really finds the individual issues within my body. Walking in, I had significant IT band issues and general stiffness in my hips and lower back. She isolated the problem points, and worked through them methodically. She knows her stuff better than other therapists I've had in the past. I'd recommend Jen every time!

My last session with Jen was a Thai massage where she was able to gently encourage my body to open up past its previously known limits to access deep rooted emotional blockages that were causing me physical pain. Every time I receive body work from Jen, I am humbled by her ability to intuit my body's needs before I have the words or direction to locate them. I have gone through years of trauma therapy, but there are aspects of my recovery that could not be addressed, let alone released, by any other modality than her knowing hands. I feel more capable in my body and more at home in myself when I leave a session with Jen.

K.N. - customer since Mar 2013


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